It's that time of year again where the Chattanooga Times Free Press is publishing it's best of the best for Chattanooga. This is not the online poll that they do weekly to find the best pizza or tastiest donuts. I do not dare question the validity of a sample consisting of 50 people who have the time to go online. It's more like a home version of family feud with the top answer getting 2 votes, both employees of Bubba's Pies which tops the list.  The Times categories haven't changed since last year. They still do not have a category for the best woodworker. If they ever do an online poll, we'll get those 2 votes. None the less, there still are the best divorce lawyers and the favorite school teacher. Not a husband and wife team like we are. But wouldn't that be a coincidence?  It’s a bit confusing once you get into it. The top Chinese and Japanese restaurants are the same place. Aside from the fact that these two countries have been at odds with each other for at least a millennium and tried to annihilate each other at every turn in the past century, this animosity seems to end in the kitchen. Talk about a hostile work environment, especially with all those sharp knives lying around.  There is no quantifiable reason some place is the best, I guessing it is whoever has the most employees and therefore the most votes. Elder’s Ace hardware with 8 locations in the greater Chattanooga area is the best place to buy everything from chain saws to souvenirs. I'll have to check but they might even have gotten some votes for best divorce lawyer. Other places don't even need to be endorsed by the local paper, they just put out a sign, because it's all in the eye of the beholder or the taste buds.  I told Paige we're jumping on the bandwagon, even though we have stellar reviews, an immaculate product, unsurpassed workmanship and customer service we need to tell the world we're the best. So we are working on an endorsement from the BBB. I our case it's not the "better business bureau", even though we could probably get that to but, "Baking by Beth", Paige’s sister is starting a cookie business and since we've already built like super cool things for her she has to endorse us because she's family. Now that we have our BBB endorsement and we are convinced we are the best. All we have to do is put a sign in our front yard.   

  I'm going to go even further. Harbor Freight is my hero. You can't miss their ads. At least I can't. I still read the cartoons in the Sunday paper. Harbor Freight seems to know their target audience. You can't read Doonesbury and not see how you can buy a angle grinder for $4.99. Not only that you save 90% as compared to a Dewalt. Amazing until you read the fine print. "This comparison is for items with similar function." Now you can save 99% on one of our pet gates. As compared to an aircraft hangar gate that costs over 100 grand. They do have a similar function.  Now that I have our marketing strategy for 2021 all planned out, I'll go back to the shop and do what we do best build solid wood pet gates that meet ASTM standards and speak for themselves.