If you think something is made in the USA it probably isn't.  Over the years,  many iconic brands that we associate with the red, white and blue have been bought by the Chinese, Belgians or British.  Budweiser used to be an American company, so were Smithfield and Lucky Strike.  For those of you who don't remember Lucky Strike, those were the things people used to ruin their health with before e-cigarettes.   Just because  a brand was once American, does not mean it can carry the "Made in USA" sticker. The federal trade commission has a huge pamphlet of what can be defined as "Made in the USA" and what can't.  To qualify, "all or virtually all', of the materials need to have US origins, all major parts need to be from the US, and it has to be assembled in the USA.  This leaves a little bit of grey area, but not much.  You're also not allowed to use deceptive language such as created or designed in the USA.  Oak Grove Woodworks meets all the criteria.  Our gates are completely assembled in the USA.  All our materials originate in the USA, this includes our dowels, wood and latches.  We do have some things that fall into the "virtually all" category.  Our screws and hinges come from abroad.  "Why?" do you ask?  Because we have yet to find an American company that makes them.  To avoid any deceptive language, our gates are created, designed, assembled, built, packaged, shipped and whatever else you can think of in the USA.  We are also a veteran owned business.  That's because I am a veteran with over 20 years of service and an honorable discharge.  If you get thrown out of the service because you're a knucklehead or worse you might still be a veteran, you just can't call yourself one, not officially at least.  There you go.  If you want to support the local economy, buy American made, support a veteran and get an amazing gate, I think we've just checked all the boxes.