It's been over 15 months and things are normal?  The new normal.  It doesn't surprise you to see people out and about wearing face masks.  It is no longer shocking to go to the grocery store and see that they're out of toilet paper, chicken wings or those fancy grillin' beans.  Snuggling up to someone at the counter in Burger King is no longer and option.  Going out to arm wrestle or the movies is about as remote as spending the weekend on mars.  We adapt which again proves Darwin was right. The new normal is also that we spend more time at home with our loved ones, whether they are the hairless or the furry kind.  We no longer have the option of having someone else watch them while we go out into the world to do what we do.  Taking care of our young ones has become a full time job.  This also means we have to protect them from the daily perils.  Protecting them becomes a challenge when your boss wants you to spend the 8 hours you owe him for paying your bills, in front of the computer.  You really can't expect someone from your Zoom meeting to point out that your toddler is about to take a nose dive down the stairs.  You can't expect the guy your talking to in Europe who is 7 hours ahead of you to be completely alert and see your puppy mauling the neighbors cat at the edge of his screen.  What does that mean?  It means you have to divide your attention between your 21 inch screen and your 21 inch one year old.  This is multitasking at its best.  Here is where a safety gate comes in handy.  Knowing that you can still concentrate on your work.  With only the occasional plea for attention, instead of anticipating a crash or worse scenario you'll be so much more productive.  Our gates aren't an eyesore.  They are not complicated to install or operate. Most importantly or gates are safe.  Built out of solid wood and metal they will contain a 150 pound mastiff or a 20 pound infant.  They are built earth friendly from reclaimed wood and non toxic finishes, so if either of the before mentioned decides to lick them that's fine.    So whether it's the new or the old normal, protecting the ones you love hasn't changed.  It's what you do.