What makes us different


Over 30 good reasons to choose a Oak Grove Woodworks Gate:

1.  We build every gate specifically for your situation.

2.  Our gates are designed to fit any space or opening.

3.  All gates come standard with hand forged solid steel surface bolts or flip latches.

4.  Our solid oak or oak and metal gates are much stronger than mesh or plastic.

5.  All of our painted gates are made out of solid hard maple or beech and/or metal. 

6.  Our gates do not have a threshold bar.

7.  Our gates come with easy to follow installation instructions.  If you have any questions you can call us.

8.  Our gates are designed for heavy daily usage.

9.  Our latches are made for one hand operation.

10.  We offer variety of options, pivot, lift off or spring hinges. 

11.  We stay in contact with you from any questions you may have, until your gate is installed.

12.  We can customize your gate to fit on any size or shape of baluster or newel.

13.  The gate can be used anywhere in your house.  It can be mounted at the top or bottom of stairs, between rooms or in existing doorways.

14.  All of our gates are finished using environmentally friendly non-toxic finishes.

15.  We offer a variety of finishes and paints to match your existing décor.

16.  In additional to being functional, our gates offer great looks.

17.  We have a vast array of styles from traditional to modern.  If you don’t see it, we will attempt to make it for you.

18.  All installation hardware is included with your gate purchase. 

19.  Our gates exceed ASTM standards.

20.  Our gates are 33 inches high instead of the recommended 22 inches.

21.  They withstand an impact of over 500 lbs. (that's the size of a baby rhino)

22.  We offer a lifetime warranty as long as you own your gate. 

23.  Exceptional value for a handcrafted product.

24.  Made in the USA.  From start to finish, including all locally sourced materials.

25.  Handcrafted in house by master artisans.  None of our production is outsourced.

26.  Made using traditional wood joinery, no protruding nails or screws.

27.  Made by a veteran owned business.

28.  Works for both toddlers and fur babies.

29.  No surprises, talk to us and we will give you the final price of your gate.

30.  Once you order we will send you color samples to choose from so you can match your gate to your existing decor. 

31.  Free shipping within the continental US.

I am sure that you are now ready to make a well informed and smart purchase decision, however, before you place your order, here are a few things to think about:

 ● Have you considered the types of baby safety gates that we offer:  single, double door, sliding gate, or specific installation requirements and features?

● What about the home aesthetics?  Have you found the gate that will blend seamlessly and not look like an afterthought?

● Will you be able to mount your gate directly to your post or do you need purchase clamps in order to attach the jamb?  

We will gladly help you answer any of your questions.  Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.