How to order

How to Measure for ordering:

We build our custom gates according to your measurements.  Your gate is built to within 1/8 of an inch to ensure a proper fit.  Since we can't measure for you, we rely completely on our customers.  Please follow the instructions below for your initial order.  Once your order is placed we will be back in touch for exact measurements.  If we believe a measurement is incorrect, which may be because a wall isn't plumb, a tape measure was read incorrectly or we were not specific enough in the measurement we requested,  we will contact you to clarify prior to beginning construction on your gate.

You will need to measure post to post, wall to post, wall to wall and in some cases baluster to wall or baluster to baluster.  To place your order, you'll need the measurement in the middle and above any molding.  You can see examples in the following photos.  This is best done with a tape measure.  If you measure a fraction of an inch, round down.  That means if you measure 37 5/8 you would order the 37 inch gate.


 Always measure from your wall to the widest part of your stairs above any molding.

Once you have the measurement you can order accordingly.  After we receive your order, we will ask you to take a picture of your space.  When we receive the picture, we will print it out and indicate the detailed measurements we need. 

 You will also receive color samples in the mail so you can tell us what finish you want. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to click on our contact page.  We are here to help.