All our gates are custom built to your specifications.  Currently we have a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks  from when the order is received. 

Our single door pet gates are made for openings up to 44 inches.  For openings any wider we recommend double door gates.  Our standard gate height is 33 inches.  We can build them taller, however this does affect pricing and may also add additional shipping charges.  Please message us for details.

14 products found in Single Door Gates

Scroll Gate
  • From $605.00
Barn Door Gate Painted White
  • From $710.00
Wooden Baluster Gate
  • From $605.00
Laser Cut Metal Insert Gate
  • From $749.00
Alan Gate
  • From $790.00
Wooden Slat Gate
  • From $595.00
Contemporary Baluster Gate
  • From $605.00
Katalina Gate
  • From $605.00
Barn Door Gate
  • From $610.00
Metal Basket Gate
  • From $605.00
Tuscan Round Gate
  • From $645.00
Full Basket Gate
  • From $605.00
Dan Gate
  • From $550.00
Lattice Gate
  • From $685.00