• Made in the USA

    Budweiser used to be an American company, so were Smithfield and Lucky Strike. For those of you who don't remember Lucky Strike, those were the things people used to ruin there health with before e-cigarettes.
  • Covid changing the way we live.

    It is no longer shocking to go to the grocery store and see that they're out of toilet paper, chicken wings or those fancy grillin' beans.
  • The back story

    On our way from the parking lot we saw a girl with a bundle of fluff on a leash. We really couldn't tell which way it was walking. The fluff not the girl.
  • For reals?

    They set up fake stations in a big room, and give the cadets fake money to spend on fake necessities for 3 hours so they can learn what it's like to be poor.
  • Endosed by BBB.

    The top Chinese and Japanese restaurants are the same place. Aside from the fact that these two countries have been at odds with each other for at least a millennium and tried to annihilate each other at every turn in the past century, this animosity seems to end in the kitchen
  • FAQ

    If you have any questions about our gates, this article should answer them. If not give us a call or send us an email.
  • How to chose the right gate for your dog.

    This is one of the most crucial elements you should consider before purchasing a dog gate. Having considers this looking at the quality and craftsmanship of an Oak Grove Woodworks gate should help you decide
  • Do I really need a gate

    How hard can it be to wire your house, change the brake in your car, or connect a gas line? Its not hard, it's just hard to do it right. At Oak Grove Woodworks our gates are build by a trained master carpenter.
  • How we do it.

    You have to go back in time before nails, pneumatic nailers and Kreg screws. Traditional joinery dates back to the Egyptians and Noah's ark.
  • Welcome to our world

    We subsidized our venture with Bill's income, it would still be awhile until Oak Grove Woodworks could stand on its own.

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